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Social media for business – Facebook

Author and business consultant Stephen Barnes explains how to use Facebook, the world’s most popular social networking platform, to promote your business



Do you apply the Veil of Ignorance in business?

Broadly speaking, leaderships teams bring to the decision-making table not only a collection of business skills but also a unique set of personal views, informed by each member’s circumstances, including the tribes they belong to.

Of course, each member has a range of legal and fiduciary duties to the business. This includes the duty to act in its best interests and the duty exercise powers for proper purpose.

In this context, it’s possible that someone’s personal views might put them in conflict with their duties to their company. This is where a decision-making method, known as the ‘Veil of Ignorance’, could prove useful.

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How business owners can protect their personal assets

One thing business owners are not so good at is understanding and protecting personal assets that may be exposed to a business failure

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Making the most of social media

 In this series I’ll explore some of the social media platforms, discussing which ones I recommend for business, and some tips in using them.



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How to work out what price to charge

The price that is set for products and services is one of the most crucial decisions business owners and managers must make in a business.

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