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Video interviews

Stephen Barnes talks to Chloe James on the ‘Summer Money’ show on Sky News Business

University of Otago Business School Presentation

Byronvale’s Stephen Barnes ’10-in-10′ interview at the University of Otago Business School with student Amy Martin

Magazine articles

The 30+ year old’s guide to blockchain

Business expert Stephen Barnes outlines the many possible uses of blockchain technology in securing transactions beyond cryptocurrencies.



Your end of financial year checklist

Stephen Barnes, business expert and author of ‘Run Your Business Better’ offers SMEs some handy tips on dealing with end of financial year.




Taking Care of Business

Stephen Barnes talks to Jacki Mitchell on Taking Care of Business Radio about how to Run Your Business Better and joins in the discussion with Jo Plummer and Lisa Sweeney from Business in Heels and Pippa Hanson (The Business Detective) talking about the Step Up Program


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Weekender with Clinton Maynard and David Koch

Stephen Barnes talks to David (Kochie) Koch on Talking Lifestyle Radio


Expert Comments

Let’s talk… Competition

So, when you’re lagging competitors, how can you change the rules of the game? Let’s hear what the experts have to say … Stephen Barnes’ comments on


Let’s talk… Finance

Let’s Talk  ask financial experts about the finance traps and pitfalls of starting a business.  Stephen Barnes’ comments on


Podcast interviews

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The 5 things you need to succeed in business with Stephen Barnes

In this episode of Team Guru podcast David Frizzell talks with Stephen Barnes who is an expert in turning around businesses. He’s all about changing the corporate culture from labour-intensive stress factories into high-performing value machines.

Team Guru