Season 7, Episode 22 from the TV show The West Wing is going to air today.  It is the final episode of the final season of the hit TV show that originally ran from 1999 -2006.  Much to my wife’s disbelief this is probably the fifth time I have watched the whole seven seasons, but here’s why.


The West Wing tackled political issues of the day, but they are just as relevant and current today.  There was an episode on border security on the Mexican border, an episode around the issues between the black v Latino communities, and several episodes around the Israel/Palestine conflict.  There are episodes with issues on gender equality, conflicts passing legislative through Congress, the battlers on farms and industrial wasteland, energy security, and the environment etc…  I only wish that our politicians were made watch The West Wing during an induction into parliament – they too may see that the issues 15 years ago are still relevant today and it is about time they addressed them properly, and lost the politics in the issues.  It will be interesting tonight watching the Australian budget and reflecting on the 154 episodes of The West Wing to see if we are making any real progress.


There are however several lessons for businesses too.  Over the next few weeks I’ll be posting some of those lessons both on the Byronvale Advisors’ website and on social media.  Keep an eye out for them – I’d be pleased to hear your thoughts.