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The Veil of Ignorance

American philosopher John Rawls in his “original position” political philosophy developed a method of determining the morality of political issues now known as ‘The Veil of Ignorance’.   The theory is based upon the following thought experiment: people making political decisions imagine that they know nothing about the particular talents, abilities, tastes, social class, and […]

Why the Government is a bad example of good governance

I have been watching the goings-on in politics both here in Australia and internationally recently and, while I don’t usually voice my opinions on politics publicly, there have been some great examples of why the government is a bad example of good governance for the business community.  Over the coming weeks I’ll give my thoughts […]

Lessons from The West Wing #3

Andrew Jackson, in the main foyer of his White House had a big block of cheese…. I am making a mental list of those who are snickering, and even as I speak I am preparing appropriate retribution.”- Leo McGarry, Chief of Staff, The West Wing   In the episode, The Crackpots and These Women, the […]

Reconciliations – the right way

Reconciliations – the right way. Often we find that reconciliations aren’t being done, and when they are being done not always the right way

Ten-step end of financial year checklist for small businesses

Directors of small businesses are advised to ensure their businesses bite the bullet today and start taking tiny steps to get their houses in order for 1 July. Indeed, MYOB CEO Tim Reed cautions them to avoid the long hours and late nights of cramming months or an entire year of paperwork into a last-minute […]

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