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Let’s talk…The Big 4 Banks Dynamic Business discusses whether the Big 4 Banks are becoming redundant to small business 17/4/2019

Let's Talk - Federal Budget

Let’s talk…The Federal Budget The 2019 federal budget was revealed last week, with many changes indicated for small business, and so Dynamic Business asked leaders in the SME world for their opinions and reactions. 10/4/2019

Let's Talk - The X Factor

Let’s talk…The X Factor Dynamic Business discusses customer retention and what businesses need to do to in order to achieve the so-called “X Factor” with their audiences. 3/4/2019

Why friends and family are oil to water for small business owners

For business owners having a safe place to share successes and get feedback on challenges is important, however, whether solicited or unsolicited, advice from family and friends can turn oil to water. CEO magazine 04/03/2019

Run Your Business Better podcast - Banking relationships

Run Your Business Better podcast with Stephen Barnes In this episode we talk to Adrian Dodson from OnDeck about the importance of real relationships in banking, and also the value of a personal brand. Run Your Business Better podcast 1…

Why you should be thinking about blockchain

Developers using blockchain technology are becoming widespread and I predict that in within the next decade, the use of blockchain technology will become the new norm. CEO magazine 06/02/2019  

Argumentum ad hominem

Stephen Barnes discusses how manage debates that start getting personal First5000 magazine 14/01/2019  

Getting a competitive edge with workplace competition

Stephen Barnes discusses how in business, and in the workplace in particular, competition is both inevitable and indeed valuable First5000 magazine 19/12/2018    

Systemise your business

Systemise your business Systemising your business turns it into an asset – a business that can be replicated without you. CEO Magazine 16/12/2018