In this episode we talk all things Blockchain with Mitch Travers and try to demystify Blockchain – especially for the 30+ year olds.  We also discuss how Blockchain may be used in business both today and in the future.

There are only two types of companies: Those that have been hacked and those that will be hacked.

The message is that no one and no company is immune from cyber-attacks – even Byronvale Advisors!

Dynamic Business


You are a security threat!

Business expert Stephen Barnes of Byronvale Advisors concludes his series on cyber-crime with a reminder to check what you reveal of yourself online and safeguard physical data too.




I’ve been hacked! Now what?

Stephen Barnes, author of ‘How to run your business better’, offers some useful tips to help individuals and businesses which have fallen victim to cyber-intrusion minimise the potential loss.



Social engineering in cyber-crime

Stephen Barnes of leading management consultancy Byronvale Advisors outlines some of the common social engineering cons which criminals employ to try to steal your company’s cash or personal details