Let’s talk…Disruption

What’s the next big game changer in tech?

There is ongoing major disruption in all industries at the moment due to tech. Whether you are embracing the changes within your organisation or not, it is undeniably happening. ask the questions to industry commentators (including me)


Let’s talk…The Big 4 Banks

Dynamic Business discusses whether the Big 4 Banks are becoming redundant to small business


Let’s talk…The Federal Budget

The 2019 federal budget was revealed last week, with many changes indicated for small business, and so Dynamic Business asked leaders in the SME world for their opinions and reactions.


Let’s talk…The X Factor

Dynamic Business discusses customer retention and what businesses need to do to in order to achieve the so-called “X Factor” with their audiences.


Let’s talk… Perspective

Dynamic Business asked founders what they would do differently if they turned back time? Stephen Barnes shares his thoughts