The most useful financial report – the cash flow forecast

Owners bury their heads in the sand when it comes to financial planning. The most useful business tool in financial planning is a cash flow forecast according to business strategist Stephen Barnes from Byronvale Advisors. Note the epigram quote got deleted in the magazine copy – it is Happiness is a positive cashflow’

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What it takes to be a great problem solver in business

Problem-solving is a critical skill to have in your possession if you’re going to be a leader, an innovator or a game-changer. Stephen Barnes provides some insights.

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Your end of financial year checklist

Stephen Barnes, business expert and author of ‘Run Your Business Better’ offers SMEs some handy tips on dealing with end of financial year.



The 30+ year old’s guide to blockchain

Business expert Stephen Barnes outlines the many possible uses of blockchain technology in securing transactions beyond cryptocurrencies.



Let’s talk… Competition

So, when you’re lagging competitors, how can you change the rules of the game? Let’s hear what the experts have to say … Stephen Barnes’ comments on