Do you have what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur? Here are the key attributes or traits that most successful entrepreneurs have in common

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Let’s talk…Accelerators and incubators

There can be huge benefits for startups that join either an accelerator or an incubator. Although they are subtly different, in that an accelerator “accelerates” ideas with seed funding and set time frames and incubators nurture those initial niche ideas, both offer budding entrepreneurs an opportunity to grow and scale their business. Some commentators (including me) discuss this in this article in Dynamic Business.


If you have a family and you work for yourself, you have a family business. Balancing the two is much easier when you learn how to value your time and ‘opportunity costs’.

CEO magazine


Let’s talk… Leadership

Dynamic Business ask the experts to share their opinion on the top mistakes small businesses are currently making when dealing with late payers.


Let’s talk… Leadership

Dynamic Business ask the experts about leadership, and the one business rule they swear by concerning it.