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Run Your Business Better


This book is for all people in business, although it is particularly targeted at those businesses starting out and/or businesses that are floundering. The book does not assume that you have a business education, rather it draws on the one percenters from the world’s best business courses, authors and authorities and presents them in a straightforward, easy-to-understand way.

Most of these business owners fall into one of two camps: they are either super enthusiastic but lack structure and certain skills; or have lost their way and are feeling completely over whelmed.

Throughout these pages, I will take you on a journey, through planning, finance, marketing and managing your risk with the aim of teaching you how to run your business better. Some of the things you read, you may know already – so treat them as a refresher. Others you will wish you had learned earlier.

Book Features:

  • Aimed squarely at great business practitioners that are not great at running a business.
  • Easy-to-follow, pragmatic and practical, simple, direct and easy to read book that challenges basic assumptions and reminds us why we all go
  • into business.
  • Extremely relatable with messages told through stories and anecdotes.
  • Can pick it up in Melbourne and have it read by the time you get off the plane in Sydney.
  • Cheapest business consulting advice you’ll ever get – filled with dozens of 1%ers that are easy to implement and will make a real difference to your business.
  • Encourages the reader to think about their business differently and find ways to transform, grow and develop your business, and take both you and your business to the place you dreamed it was going.