Business is hard!  No one ever says it is easy, yet each year thousands of brave people start a business.  At almost the same rate each year thousands of businesses fail, get into financial distress, and/or cease operating.  

When a business is distressed owners and managers are overwhelmed, anxious, and floundering.

  • Why is my business in distress? 
  • Is my business going to survive?
  • What actions can I take that will have an immediate impact and then a sustainable impact? 
  • Where, when and whom should I turn to for help?  
  • Is there a light at the end of the tunnel?  

In “Triage: The art of business turnarounds,” author Stephen Barnes masterfully guides you through the intricate process of rescuing a struggling business and transforming it into a thriving success story. 

Drawing from years of real-world experience and a deep understanding of the dynamics that shape businesses, Stephen Barnes unveils the secrets of effective distressed business triage. He explains why businesses become distressed, how to identify the warning signs, and then explains his successful Triage process to address the immediate issues and then stabilise the business.

Whether you’re a sole trader, company owner or director, or a CEO that is facing unexpected challenges or navigating turbulent waters, this book is your indispensable guide to revitalising your business. 

“Triage: The art of business turnarounds” is written specially for businesses Australia and New Zealand though the teachings can apply to all businesses, large or small, successful or struggling, and even projects and parts of a businesses.

From a struggling business, days from being wound up, to within two years a business that is four times the size, sustainable, and growing, Stephen led my business through his triage turnaround process. “Triage: The art of business turnarounds” is a book about hope – Stephen’s triage turnaround process not only turned my business around, but also my life. Andy